Ali Al Bayati to Asharq Al-Awsat on Al Jebla crime: The contradictory testimonies reflect a major weakness in intelligence information.

Member of the Iraqi High Commission For Human Rights, Ali al-Bayati criticized how authorities have handled the crime.

In remarks to Asharq Al-Awsat, he pointed to the contradictory testimonies, saying they reflect a major weakness in intelligence information.

He accused the security forces of failing to protect civilians as they attempted to arrest a wanted suspect.

“Arresting a suspect does not mean risking the lives of other citizens,” he stated.

He added that High Commission has repeatedly called for the formation of a committee that could train members of the security forces on how to properly deal with suspects and citizens alike.

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Ali Al Bayati: In the recent months there has been an increase in the level of female suicides |The National

Ali Al Bayati, a member of the Iraqi High Commission told The National that in recent months there has been an increase in the level of female suicides that is linked to domestic violence especially after a high percentage of women have reported such cases.

One in five Iraqi women has experienced physical violence, according to a survey conducted by the health ministry in 2007.

The first draft of the stalled domestic violence bill was amended after being rejected in 2015 by conservative members of the previous parliament who said it infringed on Islamic values.

The domestic violence bill stalled again last year and again this year when the previous governments resigned, leaving legislation in limbo.

“The draft law has not passed because of the lack of awareness about the importance of such a bill and not giving it the priority in the legislative work,” Mr Al Bayati said.

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IHCHR: The total casualties in the last 3 days protest are 242| National

The total casualties in the three days of protest in Baghdad, Karbala and Babel are 242, of those are 46 protesters,” Ali Al Bayati, a member of the Iraqi High Commission of Human Rights, told The National.

The high amount of injuries was a result of violence conducted by “saboteurs who used molotov and stones” in response to tear gas, hot water and rubber bullets being fired at them by the Iraqi security forces, he said.

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Human rights: The governor of Kirkuk filed a lawsuit against us for the second time

Yesterday , Wednesday, (November 14, 2020), the Commission for Human Rights announced that the acting governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri, filed a lawsuit against the commission’s office in Kirkuk for the second time.

A member of the commission, Ali Al-Bayati, told media agencies in a press statement that for the second time, the acting governor of Kirkuk filing a law suit against the commission’s office in Kirkuk, noting that the law confirms that the commission’s work is monitoring of the governments , and it works according to known monitoring procedures, and then submits reports to Parliament and international bodies.

He explained that a year and a half ago, regarding monitoring the attempt by security forces to attack citizens, the acting governor filed a lawsuit against the office of the commission, but it is neglected, and the second lawsuit was about two months ago, related to the quarantined travel returnees in an unsuitable place.

Al-Bayati added that our office has a visit to the location of quarantine and confirmed that it was not appropriate, and the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee which was there too confirmed that , and as a result the place of quarantine was changed to a better one, but the commission was surprised by a letter from the governor to integrity commission in the province, accusing the office of IHCHR in creating chaos.

He pointed out that the case was referred to integrity, knowing that it is not within its jurisdiction, indicating that today the director of the Office of the High Commissioner was brought in based on the case, and he was referred to the judge, who decided to release him on bail.

Al-Bayati saw that the Human Rights Commission’s law makes the commission an observer of the government, but the reality says that the government is the one who possesses the “real power” and that it can throw the commission’s staff to prison if it performs its work, pointing out that the developments in the lawsuit filed by the acting governor of Kirkuk against the director of the IHCHR office in Kirkuk, “the best proof” of that.

Al-Bayati: The federal government must review itself when making any decision regarding the disputed territories

A member of the Human Rights Commission, Ali Al-Bayati, on the decisions taken by the Iraqi government regarding Sinjar, said, “The federal government must review itself when making any decision regarding the disputed territories between Baghdad and Erbil and return to before 2014.

Al-Bayati added through a tweet on his personal account on Twitter, “The government should not repeat the same mistakes because they were great and the price was exorbitant for small communities exclusively.”

Ali al bayati: The pilgrimage is a key part of religious and social public rights of Iraqis| The National

The pilgrimage is a key part of religious and social public rights of Iraqis, Ali Al Bayati, a member of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, said.

“The citizen must adhere to the instructions laid down by the authorities supervising the pilgrimage. Security officials must also understand the difficult conditions in which people are in such as fear of catching coronavirus,” Mr Al Bayati said.

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Ali al-Bayati: Many are exploiting the need for blood plasma amid a lack of planning by MOH

Member of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights Ali al-Bayati told Al-Monitor, “Many are exploiting the need for blood plasma amid a lack of planning by the Ministry of Health. Poverty and desperation have pushed many coronavirus patients to sell their antibody-rich plasma.”
Families of coronavirus patients in Iraq search for volunteers from among those who had caught the virus and survived. Their blood plasma may save the lives of their infected relatives. But as the crisis lingers, people are refusing to donate their plasma.

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Al Bayati: at least 53 assassinations and 75 kidnappings recorded

By March 17, at least 53 assassination attempts on protesters and aligned activists had been recorded, with 22 killed, Ali al-Bayati, commissioner of Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights (IHCHR), a government-funded body documenting abuses told Rudaw English on Wednesday. Of 75 people kidnapped, only 25 have been released to date, the fate of the remaining majority unknown.

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IHCHR: Attack on Doctors is Violation of Employee’s Rights & Transgress Prestige of State

The Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights condemns the blatant attack on a female doctor by the family of one of the patients in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Thi Qar governorate.

As the Commission expresses its regret for such behavior , it considers it a violation of employee’s rights, while fulfilling his duty, and transgression of the state prestige, as well as a violation of human rights standards against a segment that made great sacrifices in the battle against Corona epidemic in order to save patients by the lowest medical capabilities and equipment.

The Commission demands the Ministry of the Interior and the local government in Thi Qar to provide protection for medical and health personnel, and to tighten the security measures on hospitals so that the medical staff can perform their work safely without obstructions or chaos that everyone may pay in these critical circumstances, and the Commission calls upon the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Health to fairness the doctor who was assaulted , according to law through the judicial authorities.
The Commission calls on our people to show patience, solidarity and synergy to face this pandemic, and encourage initiatives, cooperation and follow health and security instructions which will contribute to their protection and safety from the threat of this virus.