“Member of IHCHR, Ali al-Bayati: Thief of people’s food just like a killer”

Member of the High Commission for Human Rights, Ali al-Bayati, commented today on the disclosure issued by supreme council for combating corruption regarding the value of the stolen money smuggled from Iraq , stressing that “the thief of the people’s food is just like a killer.”

Al-Bayati said in a tweet through his account on “Twitter“, that “Supreme Council for Combating Corruption says that the value of the funds stolen from Iraq is equivalent to the investment budgets approved since 2003.”

A member of the Commission added, “The thief of the people’s livelihood just like a killer, as he leads to a shortage of medicines, starvation of children, poor people and orphans, and the perversion of young people, so as a result even committing crimes, all of which will lead to killing and perishing.”

The original article

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