After the repeated attacks on the protestors, IHCHR addressed an urgent request to the security forces

On Thursday (February 6, 2020), a member of Iraqi high Commission for human rights, Ali Al-Bayati, called for the urgent necessity of the security forces’ availability in the demonstration yards to protect the protestors.

Al-Bayati said in an interview with him, “The protection of the demonstration squares is the responsibility of the security forces, and it is necessary to be present in the demonstration yards urgently to protect the protestors from the repeated assaults.”

He pointed out that “violence or aggression against any peaceful protester is considered a security and legal breach and the security authorities responsible for the breach must be held accountable, whether they have committed intentionally or by mistake”, stressing that he “previously demanded that, there should be investigations to uncover the facts and trials to hold all, including the negligent accountable.

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