Al-Bayati Calls on Concerned Authorities to Intensify their Outreach Campaigns in streets & Public Intersections

The member of IHCHR , Dr. Ali Al-Bayati, has called on the concerned authorities in the Ministries of Health and Environment, ministry of Interior, Baghdad Mayoralty, and NGOs to intensify their awareness and educational campaigns against Coronavirus.

Al-Bayati said that the increasing number of cases requires us to deliver information about the virus to every Iraqi citizen to avoid infection with this serious epidemic, indicating that IHCHR staff has monitored the absence of photovoltaic panels, posters and explanatory logos for the preventive measures against the epidemic on streets, intersections within cities, and in the markets.

Al-Bayati called on government agencies to educate citizens to wear masks and gloves inside taxis, malls, and fuel filling stations, stressing the need to take advantage of the display screens in public squares to disseminate the prevention methods and follow the means of protection to preserve the lives and safety of citizens by fighting the virus and reducing its spread.

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