IHCHR: Attack on Doctors is Violation of Employee’s Rights & Transgress Prestige of State

The Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights condemns the blatant attack on a female doctor by the family of one of the patients in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Thi Qar governorate.

As the Commission expresses its regret for such behavior , it considers it a violation of employee’s rights, while fulfilling his duty, and transgression of the state prestige, as well as a violation of human rights standards against a segment that made great sacrifices in the battle against Corona epidemic in order to save patients by the lowest medical capabilities and equipment.

The Commission demands the Ministry of the Interior and the local government in Thi Qar to provide protection for medical and health personnel, and to tighten the security measures on hospitals so that the medical staff can perform their work safely without obstructions or chaos that everyone may pay in these critical circumstances, and the Commission calls upon the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Health to fairness the doctor who was assaulted , according to law through the judicial authorities.
The Commission calls on our people to show patience, solidarity and synergy to face this pandemic, and encourage initiatives, cooperation and follow health and security instructions which will contribute to their protection and safety from the threat of this virus.

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