In an interview with Dr Ali Al Bayati, former member of Iraqi human rights Commision at Al Taghier TV on parliamentary proposal to reconsider the investigation and trials in some cases, he commented the following points:

Law enforcement institutions are part of the whole system which is acaused by corruption and abuses and therefore cannot be exonerated.

Iraq has gone through frequent crises, and at each one there was massive violations and trials without guarantees and doubtful criminal justice.

The principle of punishment for the perpetrators has replaced now and there is a need to add the rehabilitation, especially those who we expect that one day he will go out to the community where he must be reformed in order to integrate into society as a good person , unlike what is happening in Iraq, where some detention centers and prisons have turned into re-recruitment centers.

The Anti-Terrorism Law was enacted in order to protect the political system, and it should be amended , and priority should be given to the higher suspects in the terrorist system, not simple and small tools.

Any proposal to reconsider the justice system should not be a tool only to acquit some perpetrators, who were the heads of corrupt and crimes for political interests without reconsidering the whole system.