The former spokesman for Human Rights Commision stated that the file of the human rights violations by Committee 29 was the most dangerous in the era of government of former Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, indicating that he was subjected to “intimidation” and a lawsuit was filed by the committee under the name of “defamation.”

Al-Bayati told Rudaw Media Network, today, Saturday (December 24, 2022), that “the violations committed in both cases (the governments of Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Mustafa Al-Kadhimi), and in different circumstances, and in both we were monitoring and dealing with the same mechanism.”

And he added, “When I compare the governments of Abdul-Mahdi and Al-Kadhimi, the first did not file a lawsuit against us, did not send a force to arrest us, and did not work to freeze the work of the Human Rights Commission once we had done our duty towards the violations, as the second did.”

“The protests’ file and the violations have been committed , was the most prominent file that we dealt with within the Human Rights Commission during the period of Abdul-Mahdi’s government, and his dealings with this institution were more professional by allowing it to perform its oversight role, although the Commission filed cases against it,” according to Al Bayati.

Al-Bayati added, “At the time of Al-Kadhimi, the most dangerous file was the human rights violations by Committee 29, which we tried to monitor, but we were met by not allowing the commission, and rather, the matter went beyond an attempt to intimidate me, then a lawsuit was filed against me by the committee, under the name of defamation, and we were exposed to harrasement after that, as the goverment sent a force at down to our house and they were following -up me in every single move.

He pointed out that “the matter ended and through a coordination between both the former goverment and the Presidency of Parliament, by paralyzing the Commission’s work, and until today, this institution remained frozen and unable to play any oversight role in the field of human rights and following-up the violations, through the approval of annual and specialized reports and the referral of violations to the judiciary.” Which has not happened since July 2021.”

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