Member of the High Commission for Human Rights Dr. Ali al-Bayati, called today the local government in Kirkuk and the security units in the province to move urgently to detect the fate of four employees, were kidnapped today in the province of Kirkuk.

Dr. Al Bayati stressed, that four employees from district of Tuz Khurmato were working at the southern oil terminal of the southern city of Janboor. They were kidnapped on their return from their work this morning by an armed group and they have been taken to an unknown destination, indicating that the kidnapped employees were; Mustafa Fadil Brour, Ayoub Mohammed Rashid, Saleh Taha and Habib Ahmed.

He added that, we directed the commission’s offices in both the provinces of Kirkuk and Salahuddin to receive complaints from the families of kidnapped victims and get more details about the incident, calling on the security services and the local government in Kirkuk to open a quick investigation on the subject and uncover the circumstances of the incident and intensify measures taken to protect the lives of civilians in the province.