“Al-Bayati Calls on All Parties to Deal Wisely With the Current Events & Adopt Constitution”

The member of Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, Dr. Ali al-Bayati, calls on all political parties to take responsibility and deal wisely with the currents events through resort to the Constitution, warning of the seriousness of the current phase on the security and stability of the country.

Al-Bayati said that “some of what is happening in the country at the moment, is an attempt to drag the country into chaos , fighting and It is not without external hands” , calling the political parties and leaders of the country to adopt the Constitution, away from partisan and personal interests , maintain the democratic process in spite of its negatives, Preserve and respect national institutions and respecting all its decisions.

He called on all parties to stay away from burden the Iraqi street tired of wars and successive tragedies and the need to maintain the achievement that achieved after victory over Daesh and focus during this stage on the formation of a national government cares about citizens’ life and their aspirations, protect the rights and dignity, fight poverty and unemployment and achieve prosperity in the country.

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