The Member of the IHCHR, Dr. Ali Al-Bayati, calls for conducting a neutral international investigation in the crime of the execution of (50) Iraqi citizens in Kuwait in 1991.

“The confession of a former member of the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry that a senior officer in the ministry executed (50) fault-free Iraqi citizens who were present on the territory of Kuwait is a serious matter and the Kuwaiti authorities to clarify this, stressing that if this crime is proven it will be classified as a genocide and violated international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention 1949 on the protection of civilians in war and conflict, which requires a stand from the Iraqi government and the international community, assuring the need to investigate this issue at the request of the Iraqi government and by a neutral and international party” Dr. Al-Bayati said.

He criticized the international community’s constant standing with the State of Kuwait and burdening Iraq with compensation for a war by a person who was not a legitimate Iraqi representative, but a dictator with an external support, calling on the international community to open all these files and disclose the circumstances of all crimes committed against Iraqi civilians.