The Member of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, Dr. Ali Al-Bayati, said that “we received a complaint from the family of the Iraqi citizen who died in the hit incident by the convoy of Spanish Embassy in Baghdad\ Green Zone, and we will refer this case to the judiciary after the completion of investigation procedures”.

Al-Bayati called for the government to conduct an immediate investigation and accountability of the guilty in the running over the Iraqi citizen (Omar Khalid) by a convoy of the Spanish Embassy, and compensate the victim’s family in accordance with the Iraqi laws in force.

He stated that the IHCHR sent a team to fact-finding on this case taken place in the Green Zone on 31 July 2018, where the team visited Ghazi al-Hariri Hospital, in which the victim was lying. After inquiring the medical staff, the team found that the victim affected in the lung, heart, right leg, bruises in the pelvis and was unconscious at that time before he died at Baghdad International Airport during an attempt to transfer him out of Iraq for treatment at the will of his family, adding that the Commission team met with the victim’s family and a complaint was recorded by them, and the team followed the circumstances of the incident with Karrada Maryam Police Station, and after the opening of surveillance cameras close to the incident, the decision of the judge stated that the cause of the accident is the Spanish convoy by (70%) and 30% of the dead.

Al-Bayati stressed that “what the Spanish convoy did violated Article (3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights condemning the contempt or disregard for human dignity, calling for the government to conduct an immediate investigation, hold accountability of the guilty in accordance with Iraqi laws in force and compensate the family of the victim. The Commission in its role under its legal mandate and after the completion of the investigation procedures, it will refer the case to the Presidency of the Public Prosecution for the purpose of bringing it to the competent courts.

He urged the government to direct all international missions in Iraq on the necessity to observe Iraqi law and not to overtake on the citizens during the movement of their vehicles in Baghdad and the provinces.