The Member of IHCHR, Dr. Ali Al-Bayati, called the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to open an investigation on the subject raised in media on a security member violated rights of a child and his mother, considering the issue is an insult to the reputation of Iraq in general and the reputation of the security forces sacrificed for Iraq and its people in particular.

Al-Bayati, stated that “Many of the security formations need awareness programs and education on human rights standards in order to be observed in their dealings with civilians, and this is what IHCHR work through its teams . We have also called the international bodies to support the Commission in such projects, asserting that the security and military institutions are without supervision and need to activate the oversight offices within these institutions and punish the abusers of the name of this institution or bypassing on civilians.”

Al-Bayati stressed that “the security and stability of the areas should be the main objective of all security and military formations and should be away from any other matters and prevent contact with civilians as much as possible to prevent such problems.”

He called for “the need to find controls and justice within these institutions in terms of working days , salaries and privileges, as there are many indicators of the presence of persons who are not existed or those who pay part of their salaries to their officials to be absent”

“There are serious reports about the spread of narcotic drugs among the members of the security services and certainly leaves negative effects in reality and need to intervene and solutions quickly” Al-Bayati said.

Al-Bayati confirmed that “Security is the basis for the success , progress and stability of Iraq and without real reform of the security institutions, Iraq situation will not improve. Reform includes administrative, structural reform , unity of decision and oversight institutions to reach attention of members’ personality of security or military.”