IHCHR delegation, headed by the Deputy Head of the commission, Mr. Ali M. Al-Shammari and the membership of Dr. Ali Al-Bayati ,met with Mr. Nofal B. Moussa, the minister of Displacement and Migration.

The meeting discussed a number of issues of common interest that ensure the return of displaced persons to areas where they were displaced in coordination with all relevant ministries.

Al-Shammari explained that the Minister of Migration and Displacement, has graciously approved IHCHR ‘s proposal on adopting new mechanism for the return of displaced persons in the camps south of Ninewa to their original areas and allow them to take all the property they have obtained after their displacement (Tent and personal belongings), and continuing to provide food basket for them to facilitate the procedures of voluntary return.

Al-Bayati, said that the delay in returning the displaced persons to their areas caused a lot of psychological pressure and isolation to them, in addition to that they subjected to difficult economic conditions that cause damage to them and their families.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides stressed the need to continue exchanging visits and official reports in particular