🔶 The political equation was founded in 2003 on the basis of the largest components which is originally considered departure from the foundations of democracy , human rights and a clear distinction in the distribution of posts in the state on these components away from professional and democratic standards under the pretext of grievance.

🔶 The removal of Turkmen, who represent at least 6% of the population of Iraq, from the Council of Ministers in the current government is a serious precedent and a clear marginalization as well as an attempt to make them away from the political equation that adopted, although this component has a lot of national competencies that are capable of participating in the country’s management .

🔶 Turkmen is an important component involved in building Iraq and the sons of this component have always honorable position, especially in the war against Da’ash, where the blood of its sons water all the provinces of Iraq that fell under the control of gangs.

🔶 The most important elements of transitional justice that must be applied today in Iraq to break the crisis of trust among the people, government and the various parties is the involving of all in decision making and the central and local administration.

Dr. Ali Al-Bayati

Member of IHCHR