The IHCHR condemns all forms of violence, assassination and kidnapping that affect protesters, activists and journalists, the most recent of which was documented by IHCHR monitoring teams was the assassination of journalists , Ahmed A. Samad, Dijla Channel correspondent and the photographer, Safaa Al-Tamimi, after their covering the demonstrations took place in Basrah on 10/1/2020.

The IHCHR also documented the arrest of (Al-Ghadeer channel correspondent, Fouad Al-Halfi , Reuters photographer, Mohamed Al-Fartousi and Sharqia photographers , Ahmed Raed and Mamoun Muhammad) by the security forces in Basrah, and the escape of several press cadres who were present to cover the protests because of the threats.

IHCHR has documented the arrest of (15) demonstrators in Basrah and they were released after IHCHR followed up the case with the security forces command , the commission office in Basrah continuing the releasing of all those who were arrested during the demonstrations .

The Commission affirms that these actions are a flagrant violation of the right to life, security, safety, freedom of opinion and expression, calling on the government and security forces to pursue criminals and submite them to justice.

Mainwhile the IHCHR praises the peacefulness of demonstrations took place in Baghdad and a number of governorates, it stresses that the government should assume its responsibility and play a real role to protect the demonstrations, maintain its peacefulness and protect the lives of demonstrators, activists and journalists from any violation occurs from any party .

Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq

11 Jan. 2020