A member of Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, Ali Al-Bayati, saw on Tuesday (January 28, 2020) that the excessive violence used to crack down the protest in Iraq Is about to be internationalized after the statement of the 16 countries issued yesterday.

Al-Bayati said, “The international community is about to internationalize the crack down of Iraqi protest a months-long started, after the statement of the 16 countries, and the steps is moving towards achieving this goal as an international action.”

He pointed out that “there is no real national accountability or practical steps to investigate the case of using excessive violence against the demonstrators, whether it is from the government (as was proven in the investigative committee formed after the demonstrations of early October last year) or from other parties.”

He added, “In front of the government’s silence and its inability to take any step to protect citizens, whether they are demonstrators or ordinary, it will open the way for international intervention in this file, and it can also be politicized.”

He pointed out that “the human rights is an international mechanism, and Iraq has pledges before the international community to preserve the rights and freedoms of the Iraqi citizen, in addition to the fact that these rights are guaranteed in the Iraqi constitution as well.”