The member of Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, Dr. Ali al-Bayati, calls the government for taking urgent action to provide relief to families whose houses were destroyed by the explosion of stack weapons in Sadr City and compensate them as a result of the damage.

Al-Bayati said that “while we appreciate government’s efforts to form committees to investigate the causes of the bombing and search for those involved in the incident, we also call them to pay attention to the fate of dozens of victims whose homes were destroyed, pointing out that there are many families including women and children displaced and remained homeless after the destruction of their homes, where these families are still suffering since about a week ago, due to the incident and they lost all property and also endure the harsh weather conditions as a result of high temperatures.

Also he called on the government to take urgent measures to provide relief to these families, find a suitable shelter for them, provide them with the necessary needs, form a committee to compensate these families after conducting a field survey of the destroyed houses and assessing the level of damage because the compensation of those affected by terrorist operations, natural disasters and emergency incidents is the responsibility of the state, noting that the adoption of these procedures has nothing to do with investigations into the incident and the prosecution of those involved in it.