The  member of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, Dr. Ali al-Bayati called countries to hand over the persons involved in Speicher  crime, who are on their territories, to the Iraqi authorities to receive their fair punishment.

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of Speicher, Al-Bayati said that  “Many of the criminal and astray groups who participated and contributed to this crime managed to escape to European and Asian countries, and based on international laws and human rights principles, we call on those countries to expedite the extradition of criminals whose hands have been contaminated with the blood of Iraqi people to the Iraqi authorities and through the channels known internationally, especially as many countries declare from time to time the arrest of those involved in Speicher crime. ”

Al-Bayati urged the Ministry of Foreign Affaires to intensify efforts and to approach those countries through embassies and diplomatic missions in Iraq to restore those wanted by this heinous crime in line with Security Council Resolution No. 2379, which called for accountability for crimes committed in the territory of Iraq “.

He added that Daesh terrorist gangs did not hesitate to commit the most heinous crimes committed against the Iraqi people including Speicher crime, Albu-Nimr tribe crime in Anbar province , the ugly violations that targeted human,  worship houses and antiquities in Mosul city as well as the  bloody bombings affected all the components of the Iraqi people regarding the crime of kidnapping and rapping  yazidis,  killing and displacement of Turkmen, Shabak and the shelling of civilians in the city of Tooz Khurmatu with chemical weapons  and other crimes against humanity.

He confirmed also ” on this occasion we salute the courage and sacrifices of our people in their war against terrorism, and we call to equity martyrs’  families who endured the pain, tragedy and pay attention to them and their children because they deserve a high and distinguished status in society .