At the time of IHCHR presents its condolences to the martyrs’ families of the Popular Mobilization who were martyred on the 6th of March 2019 on the road linked between Ninewa and Kirkuk, during their return from Mosul city, and who joined Al-Noor convoys in order to defend the homeland and its land, wishing the injured a speedy recovery, IHCHR confirms that the people in these areas have suffered a lot as a result of the continuous targeting by Daesh terrorist gangs, due to the weakness of the State’s military and security apparatuses in these areas and over the past years, which have rather stabilized after areas liberation and the extension of the government control on these areas.

The recurrence of these incidents in the past few months against civilians and military personnel in the same areas is a matter of concern and needs to a genuine review by the State security, military and intelligence services.

IHCHR also call the Prime Minister, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, to open an investigation on this subject for the existence of a lot of circumstances, according to information and appeals. As well as reveal the result of the investigation as soon as possible and punish the underperformers and the criminal perpetrators according to the law.

Dr. Ali Al-Bayati

IHCHR Member