Under the auspices of the UNAMI Human Rights Office, a workshop was held in Baghdad on May 29, 2019 at the UNAMI office on the most important recommendations made by the Committee on Follow-up to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) ratified by Iraq. The workshop focused on Faily Kurds’ rights and the most important recommendations for them made by the Committee to Iraq in January 2018.

Ms. Danielle Bell, Director of the UMAMI Human Rights Office opened the workshop and reaffirmed the Mission’s interest in working with the relevant partners to ensure that all the Geneva recommendations on (CERD) to Iraq are implemented and that the rights of all Iraqis are guaranteed.

For his part, the IHCHR member Dr. Ali al-Bayati stressed that the Commission has full consideration to the file against discrimination in Iraq and follow-up all the recommendations of international committees, which contribute to strengthening democracy and promoting human rights.

Dr. Al Bayati assured the readiness of the Commission to follow up the implementation of the UN recommendations in all its steps with the governmental executive authorities and to receive complaints from citizens and organizations of the Faily Kurdish community and all other minorities then refer them to the official and judicial authorities.

During the workshop, which was attended by representatives of the Faily Kurds from parliamentarians, government figures, civil society activists and journalists, detailed discussion on the most important obstacles facing the Faily Kurds to obtain the national ID card, the possibility of developing a national strategy to remove these obstacles and difficulties, in addition to the inclusion of stakeholders in the procedures for the granting of Iraqi nationality usurped from the Faily Kurds had been conducted.

This workshop comes within the framework of a series of the IHCHR activities on the file against discrimination in Iraq. The Commission submited its periodic report on the Convention against Discrimination in November 2018 to the treaty committee on the Convention. The most important violations that occurred in Iraq within the framework of the Convention had been documented. The IHCHR works in partnership with international agencies and national institutions to ensure the implementation of the Geneva recommendations.